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Oral Insulin


 We developed oral insulin technology for insulin dependent diabetes patients. The invention is going to help million of diabetes patients around the world by providing painless and cost-effective therapy. 

Unite for Diabetes


Insulin deficiency causes a disease called diabetes mellitus and administration of exogenous insulin is used to control this disease. The complications of uncontrolled diabetes include blindness, kidney failure, stroke, neuropathy & amputations. It has been recorded by WHO that 422 million people have diabetes in the world and it lead to 4.9 million deaths in 2014. Every year 70,000 children are developing type 1 diabetes in the world and they need to take 2-4 insulin injections in a day to survive. We inventors are working to reduce the pain in the life of diabetes patients by bringing our insulin tablet making technology into the market.

Our Target: Oral Insulin Tablet

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AIT- Swissnex 2018

AIT-Swissnex 2018